- Enrico Augusto Ubaldo de Socio -

Enrico in New York City, 24 July 1903.

Enrico as Actor.

Enrico (standing, center) and a gang. (Notice a splitting image of a young Al Pacino standing at left)

    • Birth Certificate (July 16, 1876; Campobasso, Molise, Italy)
    • Death Certificate (November 27, 1929; Folcroft, Pennsylvania, USA)
      • Buried at the White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church cemetary, Newark, Delaware.

    Arrived in the United States through Ellis Island on the Furst Bismarck, 12 March 1900, then later on the Moltke, 27 August 1907, and again on the Konig Albert, 3 May 1912. Port of departure for the Furst Bismarck was Genoa, and for the Moltke and the Konig Albert, it was Napoli.

Furst Bismarck


Konig Albert

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