The Bourbons
of the
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

The coat of arms can be divided in three parts, on the left, parted, on the top (dexter chief) the arms of Farnese (bleu fleur-de-lis on gold), Austria (red with a silver bar), and Burgundy Ancient (blue and gold bands; the red border omitted); on the bottom (dexter flank) Austria, Burgundy Ancient and Farnese. Over all the arms of Portugal. On the right (sinister), the arms of Medici (Gold, five red balls, a blue upper bigger one charged by three golden fleur-de-lis).

In the upper part of the shield (center chief), from left to right: Castilla, León and Granada (quartered 1 and 4 of Castilla, 2 and 3 of León, the point of Granada), Aragon (Gold, four poles of red) and Sicily (quartered "in decussé" with the Arms of Aragon and Swebian (black crowned eagle).

The central stripe (center point): parted of Austria and Burgundy Modern (golden fleurs de lis on blue, a silver and red border). Over all of Bourbons (three golden fleur de lis on blue, red bordered). The lower part of the shield (center base) is quartered, the first cut is Burgundy Ancient and Flanders (black lion on gold); the second cut up of Brabant (golden lion on black) and Tyrol (red eagle on silver); the third of Anjou Sicily (golden fleurs de lis a red lambel on top); the fourth of Jerusalem (golden or red cross on silver flanked by other four small crosses).

Around the arms are present various collars. (The Most Illustrious Order of the Golden Fleece (center), The Royal and Distinguished Order of Charles III, The Illustrious Royal Order of St. Januarius, Order of S. Giorgio della Riunione, Order of the Holy Spirit, and The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George (right). From 1829 the first two orders were substituted by the Order of Francis I, and of St. Ferdinando.